Aleksa Prelić

Aleksa Prelić, a senior year student at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, specializes in communications/journalism. He gained experience as a journalist, contributing to Euronews Serbia and working with news agencies such as Beta and FoNet. Currently, he serves as an advisor in the Green-Left Front parliamentary group. His passion lies in socio-economic policies, including welfare networks, housing, healthcare, and education, often overlooked yet crucial for societal well-being. He also has an interest in environmental causes, striving to reflect this dedication in his work at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. Within the Parliament, his duties entail conducting research papers and addressing topics central to the parliamentary group’s agenda, alongside drafting amendments and conducting legal analyses as necessary. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, he plans to pursue a master’s program in economics. He firmly believes that fostering environments devoid of existential and financial anxieties, free from the shackles of capitalist dread, within sustainable frameworks, will cultivate a better world for all.