Antonio Grujevski

Antonio Grujevski, a 28-year-old Master in Architecture and Urban Planning, is a visionary architect based in both Zagreb and Skopje. His journey into the world of architecture was sparked by a profound admiration for the timeless beauty of historical architecture and the intricate methods employed in its preservation. However, Antonio’s passion evolved as he became increasingly aware of the urgent environmental challenges facing Europe today. His work now embodies a seamless fusion of sustainability and restoration, aiming to address these pressing issues while honoring the heritage of the past. One of Antonio’s notable achievements includes winning the first prize at the prestigious competition “Skopje of the new generation,” organized by Europe House. His groundbreaking project “Lotus for Her: A Sustainable Oasis in Skopje’s City Park” garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative approach to urban design and environmental sustainability. Antonio is deeply committed to facilitating the dual transition, both digital and green, particularly in the Western Balkans region. Through his dedication to research, advocacy, and activism, he endeavors to bring communities closer to the ideals of the European Green Agenda, striving for a harmonious balance between modernity and environmental responsibility.