Besar Bekiri

Besar Bekiri is 26 years old, a person who is driven by a desire to live purposefully. He is currently following his MA studies in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius – Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”. Regarding his academic journey, he has always been interested in examining topics of international affairs, as well as the role of global actors in today’s division of powers. When it comes to his social activities, he is determined to develop himself in the aspect of individual growth, to have an impact on the collective approach, participating and contributing to society, in every possible way. Working with programs aimed at building resilient communities, is very driven and has huge consideration for eco-green innovative ideas, in a sense, giving little contribution and finding practical solutions that could be applied to the country. He is a person who enjoys working in a collective atmosphere, being surrounded by people, and possessing a team spirit. Apart from all this, he has loads of admiration for Japan and its culture, values, and traditions as a way of functioning in its society as a whole.