Danilo Kovačević

In his hometown of Vrbas, Danilo Kovačević completed his primary education, followed by music school and high school. His academic journey continued at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, culminating in a bachelor’s degree with honors in journalism. Venturing abroad, he embarked on academic pursuits at Howest University in Kortrijk, Belgium, in 2018, and later at the University of Zadar, Croatia, in 2021. Notably, his academic excellence led to the prestigious award of a scholarship for his master’s thesis at Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria. Beyond his academic endeavors, his engagement extended to the global stage through active participation in numerous international conferences and forums, fostering cross-cultural exchanges and intellectual discourse. An advocate for experiential learning and cultural immersion, Danilo enthusiastically embraced various exchange and volunteering programs facilitated by Erasmus+, enriching his understanding of diverse perspectives and global issues. His dedication to international collaboration was underscored by his pivotal role in public relations during his tenure in Lozoyuela, Spain, at the close of 2023. In addition to his scholarly pursuits, he nurtured a creative outlet through his unpublished collection of short stories.