Davor Džakula

Davor Džakula, a promoter of democracy, human rights, and environmental sustainability in the Western Balkans, holds a Master’s degree in Democracy and Human Rights from a dual program by the Universities of Sarajevo and Bologna, coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Geoinformatics from the University of Novi Sad. His civil society journey began in 2013, engaging with NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, focusing on youth rights, environmental activism, and volunteerism. As a certified youth climate ambassador, he ardently advocates for environmental rights and tackles climate change challenges. His roles with the Red Cross, EKOS, and the Youth Office in Šabac centered on empowering youth and fostering dialogue on pressing issues like the green agenda and climate change adaptation. Throughout his Master’s studies, he delved into environmental rights, enriching his understanding of the nexus between democracy, human rights, and environmental preservation. Davor’s diverse skills and unwavering dedication position him as a key contributor to advancing democratic governance, human rights, and environmental sustainability in the region. He eagerly embraces opportunities like the Regional School for Political Development to empower future leaders and catalyze positive change.