Dora Ćiković

Dora Ćiković stands as a dedicated advocate for green policy and societal well-being. Equipped with a master’s degree in French and Italian Language and Literature, as well as International Relations and Diplomacy, Dora has forged a career path marked by her commitment to fostering positive change. With versatile tendencies encompassing strategic communication, media management, event planning, and stakeholder engagement, Dora has navigated through diverse sectors, including political campaigns, international consultancy firms, and specialized health organizations. Dora’s passion for sustainability and public health advocacy shines through her work, where she has actively contributed to initiatives promoting environmental awareness and enhancing healthcare quality. Drawing upon her expertise and unwavering dedication, Dora seeks to continue championing green policy advocacy. Her nuanced insights and commitment to positive change position her as a valuable asset in advancing sustainable policies and fostering societal well-being and policy development.