Gent Salihi

Gent Salihi, holding a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, serves as a National Project Officer at the DCAF Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance. With an institutional background as a former Cabinet Member of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, and Secretary of the National Council for Cybersecurity, he brings a wealth of expertise to his current role. As a Young European Ambassador for the Western Balkans and alumni of the CoE School of Policies and Presidential Center for Political Education, Gent has demonstrated his commitment to advancing regional cooperation and security. He has honed his skills through engagement with prestigious institutions such as the Austrian Centre for Peace and various political and economic think tanks. Fluent in Albanian, Macedonian, English and Turkish, Gent actively contributes to domestic and international dialogues, conferences, and projects, fostering diplomatic relations and promoting effective governance practices.