Hana Popović

Hana Popović worked as a war crimes researcher at the Humanitarian Law Fund for three years. She holds two master’s degrees in international humanitarian law, and international human rights law at the University of Belgrade and the Central European University in Budapest. During her the studies and professional career, she focused on socio-economic rights, transitional justice, rights and security women, and criminal law. Currently, Hana serves as an advisor to Left-Green Front MPs in the National Assembly, where she concentrates on public policy related to education and health. Her responsibilities encompass extensive research, legal analysis, and drafting of documents such as amendments and proposals for the parliamentary group. Outside of her parliamentary duties, she is actively engaged in her local party branch, contributing to the formulation of the program for upcoming local elections and participating in tasks related to membership and election integrity. Alongside her former union colleagues, she cofounded NGO TEGET, which focuses on promoting and protecting human rights with a strong emphasis on achieving equality. She is currently in undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. With over a decade of experience as a human rights activist, she remains committed to driving positive change in her community.