Ivan Boban

Ivan Boban was born in Zagreb, lived in Dubrovnik, the popular king’s landing, studied law in the Netherlands. He got to know many cultures of the world and the idea of solidarity and empathy for different people, especially the most vulnerable in society, arose. He fought for the rights of part – time law students and led protests in the crisis situation of the great earthquake in Zagreb in 2020. As a result, he was elected as a student ombudsman, but the faculty canceled his election due to procedural reasons. He did not give up in his fight for a better and fairer society, and joined a political party in which he holds a number of positions. Through the youth advisory body, selected by the City assembly of the city of Zagreb, he deals with various social issues, the most important of which are youth employment and better working conditions for youth. Exactly on what he wrote his master’s thesis in law, labor and social law. He is currently enrolled in specialist studies at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, and deals with the field of public law and constitutional law.