Ivan Dominik Dragović

Ivan Dominik Dragović works in the largest Croatian public affairs agency as a professional and certified lobbyist within the institutions of the European Union. His expertise encompasses European and Foreign Affairs, Security and Defence issues in South-eastern Europe, Artificial Intelligence, and the EU enlargement process. Starting in civil and student groups, he’s a vocal advocate for inclusion, transparency, and anti-extremism, especially among the youth. Ivan Dominik’s commitment to democracy led him from activism to influential roles in political campaigns across various levels. He holds a MA in International Relations and National Security, which were enhanced by Erasmus+ mobility and the Political Academy, supporting his lifelong learning ethos. He’s interned at the Croatian and European Parliaments, political foundations and interstate organizations dedicated to security, peace, arms control and control of the WMD. Passionate about raising political and economic awareness among young people, Ivan Dominik aims to promote political engagement and democratic values. As an auto-moto enthusiast, he enjoys exploring and mechanical tinkering in his spare time.