Ivana Vlašković

Ivana Vlašković, a master’s student in International Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, specializes in the Contemporary Balkans. Her undergraduate studies in International Relations, focusing on European Integration, provided insights into regional integration processes. As an intern at the Trag Foundation’s Pokret Polet program, funded by the EU, she contributes to policy analysis for Lužničke Rukotvorine, ensuring alignment with EU regulations. Winning third prize in the Dr. Predrag Simić Award competition reflects her dedication to researching EU-Western Balkans relations. Active in the NGO sector, she mentors at Upshift workshops, addressing issues like waste disposal, and participates in the Regional Youth Partnership for reconciliation in the Western Balkans. She furthered her knowledge through programs like the Regional School for Youth Participation (POLITEIA) and contributed to democratic values by observing parliamentary elections with CRTA. Ivana Vlašković’s multifaceted engagement showcases her commitment to promoting democratic values, European integration, and environmental protection in the Balkans.