Matea Fadiga

Matea Fadiga is an environmental activist and a freelance literary translator from Zagreb. She is a recent graduate of the University of Zagreb, where she studied English and Italian. She also holds a BA in English and Italian from the University of Warwick. Dedicated to her field of study, she’s furthered her education at the University of Verona and the University of Naples Federico II, gaining valuable intercultural knowledge. A believer in active citizenship and lifelong learning, she is involved in local manifestations for social justice and supports informal education opportunities for the public. She completed two such programs: one explored feminism and gender studies at the Centre for Women’s Studies, while the other was a political school for artists organised by the curatorial collective Blok. Learning in community with others who are committed to a better world and the interconnectedness of struggles for that ideal led her to environmental activism with Greenpeace Croatia. For the past five years, she participates in Greenpeace campaigns both locally and globally, calling for and taking action on pressing issues of climate and energy, preserving biodiversity and social and climate justice for all.