Nina Zubac

Nina Zubac holds a Master in Geological Engineering graduated from the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum in Zagreb. Environmental Protection Consultant, providing expert assessment and advisory services relating to waste management issues, with a history as an activist in the local NGO, Zelena akcija. Considering professional experience, direct participation in producing technical bases for the Waste Management Plan of the Republic of Croatia 2023-2028 and Waste Prevention Programme, providing assistance on the environmental policy development (sustainable strategies and plans, laws, sub laws) at EU and national level, developing and implementation of environmentally sustainable projects. Furthermore, provided the service of an external expert on the improvement of data on plastic packaging put on market within project Improvement of data on Plastic Waste in Croatia (HRPWD) for the European Commission. Highly motivated for professional development and acquisition of skills in the field of professional environmental protection, waste management, sustainable development and circular economy.