Petar Hokman

Petar Hokman holds a Master’s degree in Pedagogy and English Language & Literature, complemented by a postgraduate degree in Urban Administration. With a rich background in education and project management, he has led numerous initiatives aimed at fostering gender equality, social justice, education, and human rights. Having served as an Education Program Manager at an NGO Status:M, he designed and implemented innovative programs on gender equality, gender-based violence, recidivism prevention and active fatherhood. As a Project Manager at ES Miroslava Krleže, he oversaw a €5 million initiative dedicated to inclusive education in Zagreb.Transitioning into roles at the City office for Education, Sports & Youth in Zagreb, Petar assumed positions as Senior Advisor and, later, Advisor to the Head of Office, where he currently plays a pivotal role in strategic planning, expert data analyses, crisis communication and media relations within the education, sports, and youth sectors. Among other projects and initiatives, he heads the Working Group for the Development of an Enhanced Model of School Nutrition that, among other tasks, includes the implementation of green public procurement of school food. Throughout his career he has collaborated with the British Council, UNICEF, and CARE International, contributing to impactful projects and studies. With a proven track record in project management, strategic planning, and stakeholder coordination, he remains dedicated to driving positive change.