Romana Franjković

Romana Franjković holds an MA in comparative politics. She worked as a public relations and protocol associate in the mayor’s office in the city of Karlovac. Currently working as an associate for sustainable development and PR at the city company Inkasator Karlovac. Her expertise encompasses non-governmental organizations, political parties, and active citizenship. Since college, she started in non-governmental organizations as a volunteer and did research about young people in Karlovac and what they need in their hometown. After college, she worked on several jobs and since she came back to Karlovac started to organize a lot of events for young people to include in the local community.Mini-football tournament of city districts and local committees, workshops as the representative of the youth council of the city of Karlovac, flea market. The goal of the flea market was to encourage citizens to a circular economy, to encourage sustainability. This action gathered a lot of young people, and they decided to participate and it will become one of the traditional events in Karlovac.