Stefan Atanasovski Trajković

Stefan Atanasovski Trajkovic, a youth activist and student on International and Intercultural Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. He has been collaborating with UNICEF on projects concerning environment, climate change, and children’s rights. One of the main results of his work with other young people with the support of UNICEF are legislative changes in the Law for Justice for Children. Additionally, he is working with the Institute for Good Governance and Euro-Atlantic Perspectives, focusing on digitalization and youth participation. As community mobilizer in the Swiss project, Support to Electoral Reforms in North Macedonia he mobilized about 70 young people for environmental initiatives in Veles (GreenMap app is available on Google Play Store). He is also contributing to academic research projects addressing violent extremism and promoting UN values through the Association of the United Nations of North Macedonia. He successfully finished Master classes for journalism and media and currently is an intern in the public service, the Macedonian Radio Television. Stefan continuously is expanding his knowledge also through informal education programs, including leadership and debate forums, Erasmus+ trainings, political development schools and summer schools on green agenda and european integration.