Stipe Lozina

With a foundation in political and organizational development, Stipe Lozina has achieved a dynamic career that intersects various fields including project coordination and political involvement. Politically, Stipe has been significantly involved with the Mladež Hrvatske Demokratske Zajednice (HDZ), demonstrating his dedication to Croatian political life. Within HDZ, he has served in multiple capacities, including as a member of the presidency of HDZ’s Youth in Podstrana, and as a regional delegate in Split-Dalmatia, reflecting his deep commitment to youth and political engagement. Parallel to his political endeavors, Stipe has been an active participant in the World Youth Alliance (WYA), serving as the branch manager for WYA in Split since May 2023. His role involves coordinating the branch’s activities and projects, fostering active communication with WYA Croatia’s leadership and partners, and managing business relationships. This position underscores his dedication to youth empowerment and global collaboration. In addition to his political and organizational contributions, Stipe Lozina has also made significant strides as a writer and contributor in the publishing world, adding a literary aspect to his multifaceted career.